Top Z-Edge S4 Features To Look At


Night Vision

The night vision on this dashboard camera is really special. The Sony image sensor is geared to compensate for both low and high light and to provide crisp and clean details no matter the available light levels. The same technology works during the day to prevent artifacts and white-balancing issues, but the pictures you can get at night are truly amazing.

This can help catch someone trying to break into your car as well as someone who might hit your car and run away. It’s even able to record for about half an hour without any external power source – a sure way to make sure your car is protected no matter what else is going on.


While the Z-Edge S4 has many cool internal features, drivers get to access the features through a stellar 4-inch interface. It’s one of the bigger interfaces you’ll find on a dashboard camera and it’s certainly one of the most user-friendly. It’s easy to watch recordings on the screen and to switch between cameras with just a button-press. With clear labels and functional buttons, this is an interface that even new users will master in a few moments.

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