LED Headlight Bulbs Explained. Read before you BUY


Chances are when shopping for led headlight bulbs, you have no idea what you’re looking for and how could you?

Picking out the right led headlight bulbs for your car or truck. Most people have a hard time understanding what kind of headlight housings they have, let alone which led bulbs are going to work the best. Some of them have flexible heats, things hanging off the back. Some of them have fans. Some of them don’t have anything like that. Some of them have 20 LEDs. Some of them have one. They’re different shapes and sizes. It’s impossible to really know what’s going to work in your vehicle unless you’ve done the testing. We have tested so many led headlight bulbs that we have the best understanding of what’s available in the market and what works for your vehicle. About a decade ago I’ve started the company because I was trying to find some lighting upgrades for my car. There was things on the Internet that said this. Somebody else said that they’re both saying we’re the best and neither of them look even remotely alike.

I couldn’t figure it out. Then I went to my local shop. They said the exact same thing. What we have in our store is better than what’s on the Internet. How could you tell? A friend of mine tried something and he wasn’t real impressed with the results, so I took it upon myself to start buying headlight upgrades from different suppliers. Just out of curiosity, I’ve probably spent $3,000 on headlight upgrades from my car just so I can figure out what the heck was going on. I set up a website. I started doing product testing and I started offering vehicle specific lighting for different cars. It took off because what I realized was everybody was in the same boat that I was. They had no idea what to choose because everybody tells their own version of the story.

What is a reflector headlight?

This reflects your headlight is from a dodge ram. We commonly use this one for different demonstration purposes because the ram comes with three different options, including a reflector and a projector, so it’s a great option to show people the difference. A reflector is engineered to point the light from the light bulb inside the housing in a different direction for each flat piece of chrome plastic on the inside. The combination of all these different slats and the position of the light bulb inside the housing is what creates your beam pattern. Some reflects your headlights are engineered better than others. For example, 2004 five and six dodge ram that use a 9,007 bulb are terrible. It doesn’t matter if you put a halogen bulb in HIV led. The only thing that works in that scenario is a projector retrofit. The Dodge Ram, the Toyota Tundra, and some Ford vehicles have really nice beam patterns right out of the box, so getting the right led headlight bulb in some different reflector housings can produce a stunning beam pattern that’s effective and doesn’t blind other drivers.

The way the reflector headlight works is on the backside you have an opening and that opening is four a halogen light bulb, the halogen light bulb. It has a couple of pins coming off the connector on the back side, which are positive and negative, and they go through into the glass portion of the bulb where there’s a wire wound filament. When your headlight circuit is turned on, the filament glows to incandescence giving it the name an incandescent light bulb. The problem with using an led bulb replacement for this type of product is if they’re not made the right way, you’re going to scatter light all over the place. The reflect your headlight relies on the light source coming from something in the exact same position as this filament in the exact same size and the exact same light output style. If you put in your halogen bulb, it’s going to exist in just the right spot inside that housing.

If you take for example, an led bulb with three, four or five sides, now you’re going to have five times the light sources and that’s going to create essentially five times the amount of beam patterns. That might sound cool, but what you end up with is a really strange looking unusable beam pattern with a lot of shadows and multiple dim hotspots for the dodge ram. You can also get this projector headlight. It looks pretty similar, but because it doesn’t rely on every surface inside the headlight housing to be a reflective surface, sometimes they pan and black for style. The projector is characterized by this large glass circle. What it does is it refracts and focuses the light from your light bulb. They use the same kind of light bulb. Sometimes you can get a halogen incandescent light bulb projector just like the bulb from the other headlight or sometimes hid or led. I’ve got a headlight just like this one, but it’s already taken apart.

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Pioneer AVH-1300NEX – Cheapest Car Stereo with Apple Carplay!


Pioneer’s next line of stereos are some of the most coveted on the market.

Unfortunately, they’ve always cost an arm and a leg. When their flagship model AVIC-8200NEX first came out, it retailed for $1400. They still have it listed at that too on their website. However, as you can tell from our site, the price has reduced significantly over the last few years. But still, $800 is a lot.

Cut that price tag in half and you get the AVH-1300NEX, one of the brand new NEX models that Pioneer has just released. This double DIN is now the cheapest NEX on the market at $400. Still a decent chunk of money, but your bank fraud protection isn’t going to call to confirm your identity because you usually only spend about $8 a day on Frito’s and a two liter of Sprite.

That price also makes this the most affordable radio on the market with Apple CarPlay. No Android Auto kids, sorry. But still keep watching if you have a Galaxy. Don’t leave! Don’t leave! Please don’t leave.

CarPlay is an intuitive way to safely integrate your iPhone’s apps with the NEX. It lets you make and receive calls, access text messages, use Apple Maps for navigation, listen to music apps like Pandora and Spotify, plus access some third-party audio apps like audio books and podcasts. No swiping for Tinder, guys.

Plug into the rear USB port and you’ll be on your way, and you’ll still have access to your phone when in CarPlay mode.

All of the new NEX’s also got upgraded software. The fonts are new, home screens are more modern. It looks more like an app or like you’re using Chrome.

The 6.2 inch display is responsive to your touch, and it’s fixed, so you can’t detach it. But if you’re worried about someone breaking into your ’96 Civic, just put a Burger King bag over it when you leave the car. This thing is tended to be among the best double din head units on today’s market.

The radio’s also compatible with AppRadioLIVE and AppRadio One, which offer some app integration like music and navigation, plus potential mirroring with the proper cables.

The AVH-1300NEX does not have an HDMI port. However, I was able to mirror my phone to it with the RCA-AV input using a few adapters. This lets you do things like watch videos from YouTube or Netflix, or pretty much anything from your phone.

We have a video going into detail how to mirror radios that have no HDMI ports. There’s a link in the cart up top and in the bio.

Connecting your car and the 1300NEX with the iDatalink Maestro RR integrates your vehicle with factory audio systems, and adds OBD to support with vehicle information, allowing you to check out gauges, tire pressure, adjust climate control, and parking assist. Link in the bio to purchase that.

Pioneer added a whole new crop of pre-set wallpapers to choose from, including a few animated ones. Plus, you can upload your own.

Select a clock, change the overall color theme of the radio, plus the button illumination.

Its audio settings put you in full control over the sound. The 13-bin graphic EQ features several pre-sets like powerful, natural, and vocal. Adjust the fader and balance position. Get subwoofer control over the low-pass filter. Listening position creates the perfect audio for any seating arrangement. Adjust the crossover and high-pass filters of the front and rear speakers. Time alignment improves accuracy and transient response. Plus add effects like base boost and loudness.

Using USB drives or CDs, the radio’s compatible with MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, and FLAC audio files. And for video, it plays MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI and WMV files. Plus, you can upload and view JPEG images.

The connections in the back include Bluetooth microphone, steering wheel control, Sirius XM, iDatalink Maestro, USB, auxiliary, wiring harness for power ground and speaker, three sets of four-volt preamp outputs for front, rear, and subwoofer, RGB input for optional AVIC-U280 navigation, RC-AV inputs, a video output, backup camera, and radio antenna.

The radio comes with a Bluetooth microphone, wiring harness, and USB extension.

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How to Choose Night Driving and Night Visions Glasses


What’s up, nation? Derek Chase here. Over the years you’ve seen me drive new cars and trucks in a variety of sunglasses, whether they are designer or sport or just traditional sunglasses for driving. Well, this is my first official product review of a pair of glasses, and these are night view driving glasses.

The point of night view driving glasses are to reduce glare from superbright headlights, street lights and traffic lights in dark or wet conditions. Very important because safety is number one. They can also double for outdoor activities, such as fishing and golfing. Basically activities where anti-glare is your friend.

Let me begin with the hardware of these. These glasses are designed with a plastic frame, a composite polarized lens and yellow coating, like I just show you, that blocks blue light from causing nighttime glare.

Polarization Effect

You’ll find polarized lenses very helpful around water, like I talked about with fishing, they enhance contrast and eliminate all types of glare. That’s why fishermen love them. I love them. I go fishing. Rather than seeing a reflection on top of the water, people who wear these can see into the water. For this reason, they’re popular with people who are playing water or snow sports and are constantly exposed to reflected light.

That’s another reason why drivers like you and me can find great benefit wearing these type of glasses. They can reduce the glare from lights reflected off wet or dark roads.

These glasses are excellent for UV 400 protection. UV, by the way, stands for ultraviolet. Contrary to popular belief, sunglasses that are tinted a darker color don’t necessarily provide more UV protection than other lenses. There’s actually no way to know how much UV protection a pair of sunglasses offers just by looking at them. Shoppers need to look at the label on the sunglasses to see what kind of protection they provide.

UV Protection

Ideally, sunglasses should offer UV 400 protection. This means they block all wavelengths of light from 400 nanometers and this covers all of the UV spectrum. The label should read ‘UV 400’ or ‘100% UV protection.’ Look for those labels on glasses you buy, whether they’re nighttime or daytime sunglasses.

My Favourite Aviators

Now the second pair are called aviators. These are night driving glasses, by far, are my favorite to wear, much more stylish. If you remember the movie, The Big Lebowski, Walter, the character that John Goodman played, he wore something very similar to this. Both these glasses, the wraparounds and the aviators, serve the same purpose.

The aviator style have a metal frame intact polarized lenses, a material that makes more clear and soft. These two could be used as regular night driving glasses and do a good job in reducing oncoming headlight glare.

Just like the wraparound glasses, these also feature UV 400 lens technology, absorbing 100 of harmful UVA and UVB rays. You should be very confident wearing these in foggy, snowy and rainy conditions, as you do in the wraparound style night view driving glasses.

I personally prefer the aviator styles. But for people who wear a prescription glasses, like I do, when they’re driving, the wraparounds are a better choice overall because they fit easily over regular glasses with little to no interference. If you don’t need the protection, you can easily flip up the lens until you do.


After my demo drive in both the wraparound and the aviator sunglasses, I think my biggest takeaway is they provide a lot of yellow tint when you’re driving and they do decrease the glare a little bit while you’re driving. I think the biggest benefit, most likely, would be for people who are doing their fishing, people who are out there doing some water sports, skiing on the water, that kind of thing.

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